HWRHS – The first week of in-person learning

Well, we made it to Friday of the first week with in-person learning at the HS. The operative word for most everyone is EXHAUSTED! The week started with a high level of anxiety shared by teachers and students. After all, we all wondered, would infections rise now that we are 3 feet closer together? Fortunately not as our pooled testing results were all negative this week. While there were two positive cases reported in school, they were the result of out of school contact.

As I walked through the school on Monday, the first thing that struck me was the huge rise in energy from the students who were happy to see their friends and teachers after months. Smiles, while they couldn’t be seen, could be readily understood from everyone’s eyes. Kids were laughing and goofing with each other, something we all needed to see and hear.

It was fun to see things in our classrooms slowly transform throughout the week. Students were working together in groups (3 feet apart), working on problems at the white boards, translating, discussing and genuinely getting back to some level of normalcy. I also enjoyed seeing engines being built and the sparks fly once again in the metal shop.

One of the more “school normal” events coming up is Spirit Week, April 12th -16th. While it won’t be exactly the same, we are gearing up for a fun week of dress up days and competitions like field goal kicking, dodge ball, and volley ball. The week actually kicked off late last week with the annual class bulletin board contest where the seniors took 1st place.

Overall, our first week back together went well. We look forward to having some fun during Spirit Week while also staying focused on our academics. Before you know it, May will be here and we will begin the process of planning our many end of year events.

HWRHS – Winter athletics update

Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School’s Athletic Department recently completed the winter athletic season and, although it was unlike any season previously experienced, there were many reasons to celebrate the 113 student-athletes and their families and coaches.

Celebrating the success of the season starts with acknowledging the collaborative efforts made by the student-athletes, parents and coaches to complete the schedule. There were many ups and downs along the way.  Time and again, those involved with the winter athletic programs found a way to make a challenging situation meaningful.  Games were won and games were lost.  In the end, the teams got through it – together – because they continued to keep the experience of the student-athletes at the very center of every situation that presented itself.

Some notable highlights include the tenth league championship for Boys Basketball in the last 12 years and the fourth consecutive league title for Gymnastics. Ryan Monahan (Boys Basketball) was named the Cape Ann League Player of the Year in the Baker Division.  Additionally, Linnea Schenker and Micah Katz were recognized as the CAL Girls and Boys Diver of the Year, respectively.  Boys Basketball Head Coach Mike DiMarino earned Coach of the Year while Gymnastics Coach Chris Way was given the same honor by the Salem Evening News.  Girls Basketball won the CAL Team Sportsmanship Award for their division.   

This school year in general and this athletic season in particular will be remembered for many reasons for years to come.  In the midst of anxiety, this season provided an outlet for 113 student-athletes to be great teammates, to compete and to push themselves beyond their comfort zones.  The wins were sweeter together and the defeats were softened by each other’s company.   Congratulations to each and every team member and coach and a heartfelt thank you to our families for your time, talent and support this past season.   

  1. Boys Basketball – Cape Ann League Champions
    1. 10th League Championship in Last 12 Years
    2. CAL vs Cancer Tournament Champions
    3. Captains – Carter Coffey, Ryan Hutchinson
    4. Ryan Monahan – CAL Baker Player of the Year
    5. Head Coach Mike DiMarino – CAL Baker Coach of the Year
    6. CAL 1st Team All-Stars: Carter Coffey, Ryan Hutchinson, Ryan Monahan
  2. Girls Basketball – CAL Team Sportsmanship Award
    1. Captains – Olivia Baker, Sarah Cooke, Kailee Whelan
    2. Coach Chris Way – Salem News Coach of the Year
  3. Gymnastics – Northeast Conference Champions
    1. 4th Consecutive Year
    2. Captains – Abby Benack, Audrey Fusco
  4. Boys Hockey
    1. Captains – Colby Guyer, Luke McClintock, Jack Stewart
    2. CAL 1st Team All-Star: Grant Landon
  5. Girls Hockey
    1. Captain – Mackenzie Walles, 1st HW Capt. in Marblehead Co-Op History
  1. Boys Swim / Dive
    1. Captains – Ryan Luo
    2. CAL 1st Team All-Stars: Micah Katz, Ryan Luo
    3. CAL Diver of the Year: Micah Katz
  2. Girls Swim / Dive
    1. Captain – Abby Horgan, Taylor Massimi, Linnea Schenker
    2. CAL 1st Team All-Stars:  Riley Reader, Linnea Schenker
    3. CAL Diver of the Year: Linnea Schenker

HWRHS HWGivesback decides on next charity

This is a guest post by HWRHS student Audrey Fusco, Class of ’21

HWGivesBack is excited to announce our next charitable endeavor. We will be working together to provide arts and crafts supplies for Eric’s Camp Fund in Kansas City. This camp is dedicated to giving children growing up with cancer the summer they have always dreamed of. 

Most of you are probably wondering why we are helping out a charity quite far from us. This past fall, on September 21, 2020, my friend Lily Jordan passed away after years of battling osteosarcoma. Lily and I met at Camp Huckins in Freedom, NH; she was one of the kindest and happiest people I have ever met. Lily used her Instagram account to post personal daily updates and was able to use her platform to raise money for charities that meant a lot to her. 

Lily truly inspired everyone she met and what better way to honor her memory than by continuing her goal of helping others. HWGivesBack strives to encourage all students to get involved with this fundraiser and hopefully make a positive impact on the camp.

Our goal is to provide 4 different craft options to the campers and have assigned each class a category. These items will be collected in a box in the front foyer of the high school from March 8th to March 25th. 

Senior ClassMindfulness Coloring BooksSketch pads
Junior ClassFriendship bracelet suppliesString/embroidery floss
SophomoresDrawing supplies:CrayonsMarkersColored pencils
Freshman ClassClay/Model MagicPlay-Doh

Thank you,

Audrey Fusco, Class of 2021, on behalf of the HWGivesback committee

HWRHS Student Ella Tran wins Bay State Music Award


HWRHS 9th grade student Ella Tran has recently won the Bay State Award in the Music category in the 2020 Ocean Awareness Contest, a global arts competition sponsored by Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs that engages youth in creatively raising awareness of environmental issues impacting our blue planet. Ella, who was selected from approximately 5,300 participants from around the world, received a cash award and will be featured in Bow Seat’s international ocean advocacy Gallery and social media channels. View Ella’s award-winning piece here!

Other students can join Ella in inspiring protection of our natural world by participating in the 2021 Ocean Awareness Contest, which is open now through June 14, 2021. The 10th annual Ocean Awareness Contest, WATER RISING, invites students ages 11-18 to create visual art, film, music, poetry, web-based media, music, or creative writing that explores their connection to water and creatively communicates the need to protect this vital resource. Additional Contest details:

  • Students can work as individuals or as a group/class/club
  • Hundreds of cash awards available, ranging from $50 to $1,500
  • Students who reside in Massachusetts will be automatically considered for the Bay State Award ($250), a special recognition to celebrate the creative young artists, thinkers, and activists in our home state. 
  • Free to enter
  • Deadline: June 14, 2021

Bow Seat’s free online Resource Studio supports student research on water and its connection to climate change, health, justice, and culture through interdisciplinary lesson plans, multimedia, articles, games, and more.

Bow Seat offers $750 Educator Innovation Awards to teachers who use the 2021 Ocean Awareness Contest as a teaching tool in physical or virtual classrooms. Learn more about the program and how your classes can participate.

82 HWRHS DECA Students qualify for the State Conference

Release Date: January 26, 2021

82 HW Students Qualify for DECA State Conference

DECA embraced the virtual world this year to hold their annual Massachusetts District Career Development Conferences. Hamilton Wenham DECA, part of District 3, sent 115 students to competition and 82 have qualified for the State Career Development Conference. Over 800 students from 13 local high schools participated in the business competition in over 50 categories of marketing, hospitality, finance and entrepreneurship. 

Those who placed top 7 in their category qualify for the State conference and were recognized during a virtual awards ceremony. The award ceremony premiered live on YouTube January 26 and can be viewed here: Mass DECA District 3 Awards. Medallions will be sent to each school for every student that qualified for the State Conference. 

HW DECA Officers created this slide for the Chapter Roll Call during the Awards Ceremony. 

PlaceName (Grade)Category
3Nola Ciavola (12)Accounting Applications Series (ACT)
4Ryan Traverse (10)Automotive Services Marketing (ASM)
7William Moroney (12)Automotive Services Marketing (ASM)
PlaceName (Grade)Category
7Caleb Leonard (10)Business Finance Series (BFS)
5Sadie Condon & Ava Cote (11)Business Law & Ethics Team (BLTDM)
3Peter Goeben & Jay Maher (12)Buying & Merchandising Operations Research (BMOR): Kelly Automotive Group
4Meryn DeSimone, Nora Gamber
& Ava Stinson (11)
Business Services Operations Research (BOR): Gamber Dentistry
1Kaitlyn Menegoni (10)Business Services Marketing (BSM)
2Jessica Cooper (11)Business Services Marketing (BSM)
3Alexandra Chan & Lilly Glass (10)Buying & Merchandising Team (BTDM)
4Hannah Ciriello & Julia Tsappis (9)Buying & Merchandising Team (BTDM)
6Morgan Glovsky & Andrew Stewart (10)Buying & Merchandising Team (BTDM)
1Eliza Bassom (10)Entrepreneurship Series (ENT)
3Eve Gujral (11)Food Marketing Series (FMS)
2Ethan Howell & Collin Tiberii (12)Financial Services Team (FTDM)
7Mathilde Gordon (11)Hotel & Lodging Management (HLM)
1Sophie Strozier (11)Human Resources Management Series (HRM)
2Meena Gourley (10)Human Resources Management Series (HRM)
5Abigail Simon (10)Human Resources Management Series (HRM)
6Laynee Wilkins (10)Human Resources Management Series (HRM)
7Samantha Bucci (12)Human Resources Management Series (HRM)
4Sydney Amero & Chloe Gern (10)Hospitality Services Team (HTDM) 
7Paloma Lee & Ezrina Seo (12)Hospitality Services Team (HTDM) 
3Emma Day (12) & James Day (10)Hospitality & Tourism Operations Research (HTOR): Panera
1Lily Waterman (12)Hospitality & Tourism Professional Selling (HTPS)
5Ariel Greenberg (11)International Business Plan (IBP): Essex Soap Refill
2Olivia Soolman (10)Integrated Marketing Campaign–Product (IMCP): Clutch Towels
2Hope Jensen (12)Marketing Communications Series (MCS)
7Eli Labell (11)Marketing Communications Series (MCS)
6Olivia Currier & Rosie Safford (12)Marketing Management Team (MTDM)
1Nina Finn (9)Personal Financial Literacy (PFL)
2Ellis Denby (10)Personal Financial Literacy (PFL)
7Allie Tripp (10)Principles of Finance (PFN)
6Ella Schenker (10)Principles of Hospitality & Tourism (PHT)
4Ella Tran (9)Principles of Marketing (PMK)
PlaceName (Grade)Category
1Damian Sorrenti (11)Professional Selling Event (PSE)
6Ava Vautour (9)Professional Selling Event (PSE)
1Alison Campbell (11)Quick Service Restaurant Management (QSRM)
2Sydni Smaller (11)Quick Service Restaurant Management (QSRM)
3Angelina Meimeteas (9)Quick Service Restaurant Management (QSRM)
2Sophie Bassom (10)Restaurant & Food Service Management (RFSM)
6Claire Nistl (11)Restaurant & Food Service Management (RFSM)
7Eloise Ciaramitaro (10)Restaurant & Food Service Management (RFSM)
5Riley Clarke (11)Retail Merchandising Series (RMS)
7Ava Finn (10)Retail Merchandising Series (RMS)
4Peter Gourdeau (11)Sports & Entertainment Marketing Series (SEM)
5Phoebe Ting (10)Sports & Entertainment Marketing Series (SEM)
2Charles Clapp, Owen Leonard
& Jack Mulvihill (12)
Sports & Entertainment Operations Research (SEOR): AMC Theaters
1Electra Hamilton & Mackenzie Walles (12)Sports & Entertainment Marketing Team (STDM)
2Madison Santo & Abigail Sturim (12)Sports & Entertainment Marketing Team (STDM)
7Haley Hamilton & Kara O’Shea (11)Sports & Entertainment Marketing Team (STDM)
4Stewart Bernard & Madeline Minich (9)Travel & Tourism Team (TTDM)
1st place:89
2nd place: 1014
3rd place:69
4th place:712
5th place:56
6th place:68
7th place: 1012

Honorable Mentions – These students performed well and are alternates for the State Conference should a qualifier not be able to attend:

  • Todd Jackson (12) 
  • Jack Stewart (12)
  • Sophie Wilbur (10)
  • Jane Maguire (11)
  • Elizabeth Collins (11)
  • Sarah Cooke & Adeline Flanagan (12)
  • Caroline Doane & Ryan Dooley (12)
  • Elisabeth Holbrook (9)
  • Elijah Greenberg (9)
  • Brynn McKechnie (11)
  • Ava Fleury & Hannah Powers (9)

Team and series competitors took a 100-question test and recorded a role-play presentation. Role-plays are common business scenarios where the student is asked to solve a problem and present their solution to the judge. Project competitors conducted research, prepared a paper, and recorded a presentation reviewing their project. This year, all presentations were uploaded to a digital platform where judges could view, scores, and give feedback for students to improve their skills before the State Conference. 

The DECA State Career Development Conference will be held virtually in February and March.

The DECA program is in its fifth year at Hamilton Wenham and has over one quarter of the school as members. The program is led by Laura Wheeler, Business Teacher & DECA Advisor,  and Stefanie Rogal, Academic Coordinator of the RISE program & Assistant DECA Advisor. DECA is a co-curricular organization of high school students focused on developing transferable skills for college and careers, building self-esteem, cultivating leadership, and stressing community involvement.

To learn more about DECA, visit www.deca.org and www.massdeca.org.

Contact: Laura Wheeler, Business Teacher & DECA Advisor | l.wheeler@hwschools.net

Hamilton Wenham Regional High School, 775 Bay Road, S. Hamilton, MA 01982