Seniors available to help senior citizens

Do you know a senior citizen in Hamilton or Wenham who can use some help around the yard?  We have teams of seniors ready to take on a yard project or two for them on Friday, May 26th.  If interested, please call Mrs. Heitz at the high school at (978)468-0400 to schedule a team to help out.

A Letter from the HWRSD Leadership Team


Dear Members of the HWRSD Community,

Recent local, national, and global events have led us to reflect upon our own practices to ensure that everyone in the Hamilton Wenham Regional School District feels connected with a true sense of belonging.  All members of our school district need to feel both physically and psychologically safe in order to reach their full potential as learners.  

At this time, we want to restate our commitment to all members of our school community regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, or disability.  We will continue to work to ensure our schools are welcoming communities where every member is respected and valued for who they are. We will continue to create a school climate where diversity is celebrated.  

The Hamilton Wenham Regional School District strives for excellence as we continually look for ways to better ourselves and…

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HW Students Join Nearly 20,000 DECA Members to Close the Nation’s “Skills Gap” at Annual #DECAICDC

The Hamilton-Wenham DECA team is back with some hardware! Four out of four competitors made it to the stage at the International Career Development Conference (ICDC) in Anaheim this past week. This is an amazing feat for a small, first-year program. I am beyond thrilled for our students. Here are the highlights:

  • Taylor Ross competed in Quick Service Restaurant Management and achieved a first place medallion in a role play for her competitive section.
  • Sam Boudrot competed in Principles of Finance and achieved a finalist medallion for placing Top 20 overall of all competitors in the category.
  • Lauren Verge and Valerie Wise competed in Travel & Tourism Team Decision Making and achieved a first place medallion in a role-play for their competitive section and a finalist medallion for placing Top 20 overall of all competitors in the category.
  • James Goudie worked on Jaron May’s campaign for Executive Student President of DECA. Jaron was successfully elected to the position, beating out 4 other candidates.
  • Arthur Doggett and Amy Thissell graduated from the Aspire and Elevate leadership academies as part of the emerging leader series.
  • There was also a prom-posal where Sam Boudrot asked Taylor Ross to senior prom! (She said yes! )

DECA’s annual International Career Development Conference brought together industry leaders, policymakers and the next generation of leaders in business and entrepreneurship to Anaheim, Calif., April 26-30. The #DECAICDC spotlights DECA’s top student performers from the United States, Canada, China, Korea, Mexico and Spain. It also highlights innovative business partnerships that empower these emerging business leaders and future entrepreneurs to tackle the challenges of an ever-evolving and globally challenging economic landscape.

This year’s international conference had over 19,000 student members, faculty advisors and business leaders to Anaheim for DECA’s pinnacle event of the year.

During the school year, approximately 120,000 of DECA’s 225,000 student members take part in the organization’s competitive events program, allowing them to compete for local and regional titles. The competitions are designed to simulate real-life business scenarios and test students’ academic understanding and skills development. The top state and provincial winners put their talents to the test during the program’s final round of competition in Anaheim this past week.


For more information, please visit DECA’s website and follow #DECAICDC on Twitter.

Follow HW DECA on Twitter @HWDECA and Instagram and follow Advisor Laura Wheeler on Twitter @mrslaurawheeler.



Superintendent’s Report to the School Committee, 4.5.17


Thanks to Hamilton and Wenham Town Meeting

I want to say “thank you” to the voters at Hamilton and Wenham Town Meeting for overwhelmingly supporting the Hamilton-Wenham Regional District’s FY18 Budget at April 1st’s Annual Town Meetings. I also want to thank the members of the Boards of Selectmen and the Finance Committees from Hamilton and Wenham for their support for the FY18 Budget. This was an incredibly challenging budget season. This was mostly due to the shift in our enrollment from Hamilton to Wenham. I truly appreciate the spirit of collaboration that exists between the Towns and the H-W District. As we look towards next year’s FY19 budget development, which is shaping up to be an even more challenging process, we will need to rely on our shared dedication to providing the resources that prepare our students to be “future ready” more than ever.

Thanks to School Committee Member Deb…

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What does your digital footprint look like?

After watching the video “Think Twice Your Digital Footprint Matters” I realized that work of this magnitude with our children in schools and at home is never done.   We can never talk about appropriate online activities just once with our students.  It needs to be a consistent message that is shared by parents, students, school personnel and members of the community.

At our high school we have seen an uptick in the inappropriate use of mostly phone-based apps that include Snapchat, Instagram, Finsta and other apps designed to mask activity.   According to the video, 40 percent of teens admit to sexting or inappropriate use of technology. A Shocking numer.  In our school, that would be over 200 students.

Even though our children see and hear the messages about the importance of their online footprint including pictures, videos and chats, we still find instances where students have been involved in something inappropriate.   It is extremely easy for kids to mask what they are doing by using apps designed for a double use like the Calculator% app that looks like a calculator but when the right combination of numbers is entered, it opens a hidden world of photos and videos.  Apps like this are readily available to our kids and are usually free.

My message today is to bring this issue to your attention and to hopefully head off a potential serious problem for our children.  Please have the discussion, check out their phones and underscore the impact that poor choices relating to online activity.  It is important that we all continue to work together to be proactive and have the important conversation about online activity, including the resulting consequences.  I have added some links at the bottom of this post that may be useful.

I hope this post opens the door for more conversation at home. We will continue to have the conversation with the students at school through health classes and special presentations.  I believe that these instances are teachable moments for everyone.  Teachable moments that can be valuable as our students look toward their futures!

Links that may be of interest: