Using Data Leadership Academy (@Tercusingdata)

Today I spent time with the district leadership team in a training related to school data and ways to integrate data use into our schools.  We learned quite a bit about the process of using data and spent much of the day working with the four phases of the Using Data Model.

The high school team consisted of me, the high school assistant principal and the assistant superintendent.  We started by analyzing four years of high school MCAS data and learned to make some assumptions about the data.  Phase 2, going visual,  took us into on of my favorite areas, creative visual representations! We worked to develop ways to present the data in a visible format that would give us a different perspective.  This phase helped us to look broadly at the data sets, while moving towards phase 3, making observations about the data.  This is where we really analyzed the data by answering questions like, “What percentage of students meet or exceed the standard?”.

Phase 4 was the time for us to make some inferences and develop questions about the data.  This phase really revved up the conversation as we tried to drill down even deeper to help us to develop stronger connections from the problems to the possible solutions.

Today’s workshop was helpful to reactivate my prior knowledge on the subject of data and to give me some great ideas to link to the 5 year plan that we will develop as we begin the journey to create the vision for HWRHS!  I look forward to day 2 tomorrow!

The quote of the day: “Data have no meaning.  Meaning is imposed through interpretation. ” (Data Driven Dialogue, 2004)