What is school for?

Each day I try to read at least one new article, essay, blogpost or view a video about something related to education.  In this  TEDxYouth video below, Seth Godin presents an interesting question, “What is school for?”  An excellent question with a not so easy answer, but I believe it is a question worth discussing and reflecting upon if we at HWRHS truly want to transform education.  

Some of the questions I want to ask include: Why do we “do” school the way we do?  Is there really no reason to memorize anything anymore?  What is our school good at?  Do all of our kids receive the same quality of education when they come through our doors? Should kids be locked into YOG?  Do our students need to be in school each day to learn? What are the markers of a great school?  Can technology make us more efficient, effective and competitive at a world class level?

These represent only a few of the questions I look forward to exploring as I begin my tenure at HWRHS.  What do you wonder about?

If you want to read more, here is a copy of Seth’s book that is available online.