Opening Day with staff at faculty at HWRHS

It was exciting to finally make it to opening day!  It felt a little like waiting for the Boston teams to start their seasons.  I am excited to be a part of a district that is breathing new life and starting to move in a new direction under competent leadership!

This morning Dr. Harvey set a solid agenda for the school year ahead by presenting the district blueprintdiscussing the accomplishments of the last school year and demonstrating early connections.  HWRHS 2014 Class President student Sarah Herlihy gave a great speech to the district staff and faculty ending with, “What makes HW schools so great is all of you teachers”.  

At the HS we began our meeting and presentation at 10:30 and as promised finished about 11:30 AM with the following questions for staff and faculty to think about:

What are we good at?

What are some things we will look at?

Will you accept the challenge?

Now teachers are heading to their classrooms to get things ready for the 9th grade students who will attend orientation tomorrow.

Great school years start and end with positive thoughts, vibes and activities!