Wishing our athletes and coaches good luck in the upcoming season!

This is a brief note that I sent out to all of our fall coaches:

I wanted to take a moment to wish you, your assistant coaches and your teams good luck for the upcoming season!  As a former athlete and coach, I know how that energy begins to rise as you near your first competition.  I look forward to cheering on the Generals and learning about Generals Pride.  I will stop in to practices and games throughout the season and will use tools like Twitter and my weblog to keep the community in tune with all that we accomplish.

The experience of a passionate coach is infectious for student-athletes for years to come.  I look forward to watching each of you build a “legacy” for your teams and for our school team.  Our success depends on all of our students, staff and faculty constantly representing us at the highest levels.  Our team counts on the skills and pride that you teach our athletes each day, on and off the field.  Thank you for your commitment to coaching our kids!  Have a great Fall season!