In a tough situation, those who step up make a huge difference…

This morning, everyone at HWRHS had to step up when our day began very differently than usual.  At about 6:40 AM, I was notified of a water leak in the Math/Science wing of the HS.   As I walked into the affected area near room 120, I found myself ankle deep in water.  About the same time, the Fire Department arrived and about a dozen people jumped right in to figure out how to shut off the water and to begin the process of cleanup.  We were fortunate that this event  occurred in the science area, as each of those classrooms have large drains in the floor.  Within 50 minutes of shutting down the water flow, the situation was well under control and the majority of the water was mopped and vacuumed up.

Most notable to me was the actions of the students and staff as the clean up was taking place.  Students were asked to wait  in the auditorium and cafe.  The staff rallied to get everybody in place and to keep the start of the day organized.  Both staff and students must to be commended for making this bump in our day smooth.  As a whole, our school community(both school and town employees)  stepped up to make a huge difference. Thank you!