HWRHS teacher Bennett Ahearn awarded Edfund Grant

HS Science teacher Bennett Ahearn has been awarded an Edfund Grant for Microscope Cameras for iPads!  The award is in excess of $3,400.00  Congratulations!

Here is a description of the project:This year marks the first year of the iPad pilot at the Hamilton Wenham High School. As part of the science department it is my job to ensure that the effective implementation of technology in the classroom allows for greater student learning. The purpose of this project is to further student understanding of subjects including: taxonomy, organism identification, cellular structure and membrane function through the use of the Focus Microscope created by Exo Labs. This attachment is a unique tool in its ability to simplify and clarify student interface with microscopes in the classroom. The iPad attachment fits over the eye-piece of the microscope and projects the image onto the students iPad. From there, students are able to manipulate the image in order to better identify and comprehend what it is they are observing. The attachment includes a scale function as well as allowing students to capture images of what they are observing via taking snap-shots on their iPad.

Thank you to the Edfund for continuing to support the teachers of the Hamilton Wenham school system with grants that help us to consistently improve the educational experience for our students and teachers!