Take your teacher to school…

The other day, while meeting with the HS staff, I challenged the teachers to take a risk and jump on board our “Take your teacher to school” opportunity.  The idea is to have a teacher shadow a student for an entire day.  They can’t break for lunch with their colleagues and must remain with the student the entire school day.

After the shadow day, the teachers who volunteered to jump in will meet as a group with me to talk about their experience.  I have asked them to stay open to every opportunity and to help us to gather information that may help us to make decisions about the future of our school.  Their feedback could include information about time, space  and organization and their own feelings about the student experience.

I believe this will be a  great opportunity for us to build on our professional practice while learning about the way, positive or negative, that our school functions for our students.  I am excited to hear the feedback!