The Generals rise to the challenge!

The HW Generals have once again made a commitment to meet  goal and have not only met that goal, they have exceeded it!  The Acord Food Drive was coordinated by Ms. Kevan Sano.  In an email to the staff, she wrote:

“If you haven’t seen what your collective efforts can do then just go by my office. There are 100 complete bags outside lining the hallways and another 25 inside. We not only made our goal of 125 complete meals but we exceeded it. We will deliver the turkeys and the bags to Acord tomorrow afternoon. In addition I have purchased 9 cases of coffee (1lb cans) and will be donating the extra cash in the form of gift cards from Market Basket to the Acord. Thank you!!!”

Congratulations to the staff and students of the MS and the HS!!  I am very proud to be part of this team!