Klobucher receives President’s Volunteer Service Award

Katrina Klobucher recently received the President’s Volunteer Service Award for her commitment and dedication to community service.  Congratulations Katrina!!

Katrina KlobucherHere’s her story:

Working on a farm can be backbreaking work. There is a select few people who believe working on a farm is enjoyable and fun. For my project I help assist and teach the younger kids of my 4-H club with the afternoon calf chores, as well as performing the chores myself. To accomplish this position I showed my club leader that I had strong leadership skills, and was later elected president of the club and a junior leader.

The accomplishment of my project is teaching the younger generation of my 4-H club on how dairy farms work and how 4-H clubs work. As well as helping the dairy farmers end their day earlier. The most beneficial part to my project is teaching the younger generation of my 4-H club, I have passed all of the knowledge I have along to them. On top of that the dairy farmers benefit from us helping to take car of the calves.  Taking care of over 100 cows 365 days a year is alot of work. They are grateful for even the littlest amount of work that helps them end their day early. My project continues year round.

My motivation behind my volunteer work is my interest to own my own dairy farm. Coming up with my idea for my project was easy. I knew I wanted to work on a farm when I am older therefore this was the perfect fit. Working on a dairy farm has been my dream since starting 4-H. Only a select few individuals have a passion towards dairy farming because of the hard work and I am one of them.

From volunteering I have had many learning experiences and gained new skills. I have gained the knowledge of what it is like to work on a dairy farm. I have learned all of the hard work that is put into getting the milk form the cow to in your cereal bowl in the morning. From my experiences I have acquired a skill of leadership. The majority of the club is kids new to the club or younger kids, leading them in what to do can be a difficult process but has definitely helped me in the long run with acquiring leadership skills.