HWRHS wins big at the Northeast History Day Competition!

Hamilton-Wenham’s successful weekend continued in Beverly with an impressive showing at the Northeast District History Day competition.  The following students will be moving on to the Massachusetts History Day competition at Stoneham High School on April 5, 2014.  A big thanks to Vinnie Bucci, Rob Emmett, Johann Knets and Tyler Walker for working with all of these students!
Individual Exhibit
1st Place Harrison O’Brien “The Curt Flood Case: Free Agency for Athletes”
Honorable Mention Booby Grinnell “Korematsu vs. the United States”
Group Exhibit
1st Place Emma Beane “Women in the American Work Force”
Mariah Manter
Carly Moulton
2nd Place Annie Whelan “Harvey Milk: Equal Rights Activist”
Sarah Crossan
Katie Domoracki
Ali Wilder
Emma Wilder
3rd Place Anni Li “Fire at the Triangle”
Brianna Burke
Honorable Mention  Olivia Young “Getting a Head Start”
Iela Ziengenhals
Honorable Mention  Samantha Krinsky “A Race Deemed Inferior”
Caroline Fallon
Phoebe Shaw
Grace Papp
Maddy Bukkhegy
Individual Website
1st Place Mary Joens “The Nuremberg Trials”
3rd Place Eliza Roberts  “Korematsu vs. The United States”
Group Website
1st Place Madison Poore “Dorothea Dix”
Courtney Milot
3rd Place Saskia Leonard “Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen”
Annabel Rutherford
Honorable Mention  Rachel Holappa “Attica State Prison Riot”
Sarah Passaretti
Group Performance
1st Place Elise Dovletoglou “Banned in Boston”
Olivia Finkenauer
Grace Peppler
Lucy Perrotta
Historical Paper
2nd Place Pamela Chansky “The Espionage Act”
Honorable Mention  Lanie Preston “Indian Removal Act”
Individual Documentary
2nd Place Bryn Hennigar “The Americans with Disabilities Act”
Group Documentary
1st Place Laura Jennings  “What you don’t know can hurt you: Pentagon Papers”
Liz Perrotta
2nd Place Elizabeth Gillis “Pentagon Papers”
Kristin Heffernan
Erin Mason
Olivia Quill
3rd Place Elizabeth Powers “Military Draft during Vietnam”
Will Schmidt
Erin Sperry
We also have two projects moving on from Miles River.
Junior Individual Documentary
3rd Place Dennis VanMaaren “Three Mile Island”
Junior Group Documentary
1st Place Maggie Perrotta “Tuskegee Experiment”
Jacquline Fibbe
Special Awards
The Tsongas Industrial History Center Labor History Award
Harrison O’Brien “The Curt Flood Case: Free Agency for Athletes”
Essex Historical Society Best Local History Project
Elise Dovletoglou  “Banned in Boston”
Olivia Finkenauer
Grace Peppler
Lucy Perrotta
Best World History Award
Mary Joens “The Nuremberg Trials”