Northeast Regional Student Advisory Council Student Representatives Chosen for HWRHS

From Mr Ristaino, Student Government Advisor:

I am pleased to announce we have conducted our elections for our two representatives to the Northeast Regional Student Advisory Council (NERSAC).  Our representatives for the 2014 – 2015 school year are Dana Valletti and Courtney Milot, these students have taken on a wonderful leadership opportunity and I am sure they will be wonderful exemplars of the great work we do here at the regional.

NERSAC is a regional body of the State Student Advisory Council, according to the DESE, NERSAC representatives “member must attend regularly scheduled meetings at which he/she represents the concerns of his/her student body along with other students representing their schools’ educational concerns and needs. More important, a RSAC member acts on these needs and interests.”  More information on the state and regional student advisory councils can be found at

Our representatives will be attending an all-day orientation on May 2nd, next year NERSAC will be meeting once a month every other month at Essex Aggie.  They are responsible for making up any work they have missed, according to the state absences for NERSAC are excused absences.  Congratulations to Courtney and Dana!