Real life – experiencing an autopsy

Today, Forensic Pathologist Dr Mindy Hull (HullPath Forensics) will be at Hamilton Wenham Regional High School.  Dr. Hull will be presenting to all of the anatomy and physiology students and all of the forensic students (nearly 150 students!).  She will be discussing her educational background, career day to day procedures, technology used to assist with an autopsy, what is like to testify in a court of law, and more.

She will then spend the remainder of the day with the forensic students modeling a real autopsy.  Cat specimens will be used for this “autopsy” and human autopsy protocol will be followed.

Students will be working in teams as they would in the morgue, identifying any signs of disease and searching for cause of death / manner of death.  Students will create an authentic autopsy case report file to be submitted as a capstone project from this unique experience.

This guest presentation and day long hands on lab activity has been graciously funded by the HWRSD Edfund Group.  Many thanks!