Learning about 1-1 leadership and assessment…Day 1

The 1-1 iPad integration for grades 9 and 10 that is scheduled for this school year has put all of us in the learning and re-learning mode.  Becasue of this change at HWRHS,we have had to re-examine the way we do things both in and out of the classroom.

Over the next two days, Mr. Menegoini and I will be working with Ed Tech Teacher and other school administrators to learn about ways to manage, develop and evaluate 1-1 programs within our school.  We started with the following questions:

  • Why Change? How Do We Change? Did We Change?

As part of the process, many of the tools for successful integration were shared and discussed, but the most important point that was made by one of the instructors, Tom Daccord, was, “Who controls your school’s identity around tech integration?”.  In many ways we all do.  Especially in a 1-1 environment fully enabled to build an almost immediate digital identity.  We all have the ability to be transparent and to drive our “brand” with the goal of becoming a model school.

Some excellent topics for discussion came up through presentations and conversations.  We talked a lot about ways we can model for our staff and students. We also helped other administrators improve or increase their digital footprint so that they could be models at their own schools.  What I learned from these discussions was that we at HWRHS are moving at a good pace and are off to a strong start with the use and integration of digital tools and applications.

Day 2 should be interesting as well.