Back from vacation YEAH!!

It is rare that we return from vacation and almost every student and teacher I speak with says the same thing, “I’m glad to be back”.  To say we have had a brutal last few weeks is an understatement.  Our educational opportunities can only be described as lacking continuity.  I hope that we can return to a more normal routine or even a full week of school without a storm!

There have been hundreds of thousands of pounds of snow removed from the MS/HS complex roof and crews continue to pull 15 foot snowbanks away from the building.   These tasks were  big enough for a crane to be brought in to assist in moving the heavy loads of snow.

Now, it is back to the real work of teaching and learning! Several walks around the building and into classrooms remind me that once we returned to school, our students and teachers went right back to business.  Everyone has jumped in with both feet.  It’s a great feeling to be back with our students and staff.  I look forward to a slow easy melt so that we don’t suffer any major water leaks as we approach Spring!!