Congratulations to the HWRHS Science Fair winners!

Congratulations to the following winners of the HWRHS Science Fair!  The top 5 entries  are eligible to move on to the Regional Fair at Somerville on March 14th .

#1 Saskia Leonard: Developing a Procedure for DNA Normalization

#2 Michael Allara and Pamela Chansky: The Effect of Photoperiod Length on the Photosynthetic Efficiency of Chlorella Pyrenoidosa (Green Algae)

#3 Madison Poore and Rachael Holappa: Effects of BPA on Renegeration Rate of Lumbriculus Variegatus

#4 Katie Shinopoulos: The Effect of Organic Molecule Cellulose on Glucose Concentration

#5 Charlotte Royer: The Effect of Global Warming on Algae

Honorable Mention 

Lara Molnar and Megan McWhirter: What Causes an Underbite

James Rennicks, Hayden Crocker and Cole Farnham: WiFi Radio Interference caused by Common Building Materials

Micaela Rogal: The Phosphate-Eutrophication Connection