We are going to the Gaaaahden Monday!!!

Hi everyone,

As you may know, the boys basketball team has won the north D4 finals for the first time in the history of HWRHS. Their recent win has placed them in the semi-final round on Monday at 4:00 PM at Boston Garden. I am concerned that our students, who have come to the games in droves, will try to leave school and race unsafely into Boston for the game.  Also, the train departs at times that do not coincide with the game.  I do not want any problem created because of the MIAA’s poor timeline for the start of the game; therefore, I have decided to switch Monday’s G block class with Tuesday’s power block.  Actually, the kids suggested it; I think it is a great option, considering the circumstances!
Soooo, the last block on Monday will be power block, and students will be able to leave school early only if they bring a note from a parent or guardian for dismissal starting at 1:26 PM or later.
Friday’s game at Tewksbury high school was amazing because our team won but also because we packed the house with supporters of our team and our school.  Our strength is our fan base! As one of our students stated in an email to me, “Mr. Tracy, I have never experienced so much school pride as I have now.”
If the boys win on Monday, they advance to the Division 4 finals at Worcester Polytechnic Institute on Friday evening at 7:45 PM.
I hope you are having a great weekend!
Mr. Tracy

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