To rally or not to rally. That is the question.

As you know, I was contemplating a rally tomorrow afternoon for the boy’s basketball team.  After weighing the options and issues listed below, I have decided not to do a formal rally. 

1. I think we have missed too many days of school to snow days.  Our teachers and students need the time now to remain focused on academics.  MCAS and AP assessments are right around the corner.
2. Through my research, I learned that rallies were ended a few years back because some teams were celebrated and others were not.  
3. We have other teams, not only athletic, that we could have celebrated with a rally, but did not.  (Because we are doing great things!!)
4. I personally believe the best rally needs to occur at the game.  The students and fans that choose to go and support the team will be able to show their spirit and support.
Instead of a formal rally, Mr. Maher came up with another idea that may be a good compromise.  First, we can all wear our blue and white to school tomorrow.  Then, tomorrow at about 2:00 PM we will have the members of the boy’s team come down to the gym.  At 2:15 PM we can have our classes come out of the rooms and line the hallways.  The boys team members can walk or jog the halls and experience an energizing sendoff for tomorrow night’s game.
I look forward to a great game and the continued amazing and appropriate fan support that we have had throughout this great ride!

GOOOO Generals!!!!!

Mr. Tracy