HWRHS Final Exam Schedule


June 21-24, 2016

Tuesday June 21 G Block – 8:00-10:00

F Block – 10:30-12:30

Wednesday June 22 E Block – 8:00-10:00

D Block – 10:30-12:30

Thursday June 23 C Block – 8:00-10:00

B Block – 10:30-12:30

Friday June 24 A Block – 8:00-10:00

Make-Up – 10:30-12:30


Policies for Exams


    • Students may not take exams before their scheduled times without prior permission of the administration
    • No student will be admitted to an exam after the first 5 minutes
    • Any student who misses an exam without prior administrative approval will not be permitted to make up the exam and will receive an “F” on the exam
    • Students are to report to their first exam each day and may leave if they do not have a second exam
    • Students MAY NOT leave the school building or grounds between exams


  • Buses will arrive and depart according to the regular schedule


  • Students are NOT to be in the hallways during exams
  • If a student is not taking an exam, he/she must be in one of three places:
    • The cafeteria
    • The library
    • A classroom or computer lab with the permission of a teacher