HWRHS – Opening of school

This year we welcomed 140 new 9th grade students into the Generals family.  After two days of orientation, the Class of 2022 is acclimating well to their new school environment.  We also welcomed 24 new students via the school choice program to bring our total number of student to 568.

It’s been a hot start to the year, but our students and teachers have worked hard to stay on track with the business of learning.  My visits to classrooms have been filled with lots of relationship building, talk about learning and in one class, the teacher wanted her students to tell her the qualities of a good teacher.

This year, a large part of our focus will be around the accreditation process.  We will work with teachers, parents, and students to develop committees related to the standards.  Our first order of business will be surveys that will go out to all teachers, parents, and students.  The results will give us a baseline to begin out discussions about what we believe about ourselves, our commitment to the community and our commitment to our students.  We will also examine our mission statement to see if it is really something we strive to meet and make changes if necessary.  The surveys will be sent out in the next few weeks,  Please take the time to complete one for us.

At this point, our add/drop sessions have ended and students are now working with solid schedules.  Please remember, if your child is having any issues with the amount of work, difficulty completing work or just staying organized, please let their teachers know.  It is easiest to communicate with teachers via email.  Teacher contact information can be found in Aspen.  If you have trouble logging into the parent Aspen portal, send an email to aspenhelp@hwschools.net.

One change students will see this year is related to our commitment to the social-emotional support of our students.  Guidance counselors will now be teaching with our PE/wellness teachers during the weekly health portion of the class to continue to educate our students about aspects of social-emotional education.

Our curriculum night is scheduled for Thursday, September 13th starting at 6:30.  Parents will head to homeroom to pick up your child’s schedule, and then follow the classes in order.  You will meet the teachers and hear about all they have planned for this school year.  Homeroom assignments will be posted in the front lobby.  Other information about the school year can be found on our calendar.

We look forward to a great school year and many wonderful learning adventures!