It’s Digital Learning Day!

I’m sitting here wondering if I enjoy snow days off from school or not.  I do miss connecting with the students and teachers in our building face to face, but today is Digital Learning Day and the technology we have available both in and out of school opens the doors wide for us to continue to learn something, even when we are snowed in!

Here is a video about technology integration:

We can also check out Ted Talks for some interesting and thought provoking videos in a huge range of subject areas.  If you haven’t checked out the Ted website then today is a great day to start!  Here is one of my favorites by John Wooden, former UCLA basketball coach who talks about “The Difference Between Winning and Succeeding.

Edutopia has posted this relevant list of things teachers and students can do to integrate technology in their learning.

While I put together Twitter in a Nutshell  for teachers, it will give anyone a quick overview and several “how-to” links that can help you to get started.

If you are really up for a challenge, check out the Instructables website.  This is  a great maker site that may help you to solve a problem of two on the home front.  The “Play” section of the site is fun to explore for ideas for things you can make to have a little fun.

Finally, check out the website of the Cybraryman to find even more resources.  Explore the entire site.  I guarantee you will find something interesting or useful when you are kickin back in your PJs on a snow day.

Anyway, make a pledge to learn something new today!   At some point, here’s what I am going to try to teach myself to do to get ready for Striper fishing season:

Have fun and if you live in New England, enjoy the snow!